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Designer Greetings Cards from
27.08.2016 03:31

Greetings Cards can be bought for any occasion and personalised to include any photo or picture as well as your own choice of message both inside and outside the greeting cards.

Complete customisation awaits you when you buy greeting cards from, and with prices starting at less than £5 per card you also get a beautiful presentation tin with every single pack that you buy. Cards come in packs of 1-5 and can include several designs and messages so you can plan ahead for the whole year if you like.

Available In Packs
The size of pack you buy will ultimately determine the cost of each designer greeting cards, but you don't need to worry about being forced to buy 40 of the same design, or even 10 of the same design. You can buy a pack of 5 handmade greetings cards and then create birthday cards, anniversary cards, congratulations cards, and any other type of greetings card that you'll need. because you can customise the greeting yourself, you can even use them to announce major events like moving house or the birth of a child for example.

Any Number Of Designs
Choosing a picture and caption or greeting for each card means that you can really customise every card you buy. red bull birthday card You could purchase a pack of 40 greetings cards, using ten different pictures, but each offering the same Merry Christmas or Happy Birthday greeting. Get your diary out and plan for the year ahead so that you can enjoy the benefits of buying bigger pack sizes and making the most of the different designs you create.

You Pick The Picture
You can use any personal picture. Use a family shot, a snap from your latest holiday, or one of the latest arrival. Add a picture of the car, the pet, even the house. The choice really is yours and because you are customising your cards for any major event the final decision will often come down to choosing the right picture for the right celebration.

You Pick The Caption

As well as choosing your own photo you can also dictate the greeting that is included in and the greeting that is included on the card. That's one for the inside and one for the outside. Because you can customise these greetings as well as use your own pictures it really is possible to use personalised greetings cards for absolutely any purpose.

The Presentation Tin
Every pack of designer greetings cards includes a beautiful presentation tin with one of your card designs on the top. The tin might initially be used to transport and store your photo greetings cards but it looks so good that once you've sent them all you'll still want to keep hold of the tin and use it as a keepsake box or to store the cards you received.

Stunning Designer Greetings Cards For Any Event
Designer greetings cards are a very flexible and great looking way to help celebrate major events, celebrations, and occasion, whatever they may be. Your card will certainly be noticed and will take pride of place on the fireplace or wherever the recipient chooses to display it.


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