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How important is a PCT Plan
04.08.2016 06:24

A long time back PCT was ignored by a lot of gym goers as it was not realized how important a PCT is at the end of a cycle. Bodybuilders just kept on going through on-cycles and a lot would have suffered serious health problems and side effects. These would include liver damage and even heart problems.
Thankfully, we are more educated today and have learnt a lot more about the positive effects of Novaldex, Clomid, HCG and Proviron. A Post Cycle Therapy helps to stimulate your natural production of Testosterone helps to speed up the overall recovery process. But although the PCT helps dramatically, it is not an overnight fix that puts your body’s natural Testosterone level back to normal within a day or so.
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It could take up to a whole year to restore your natural Testosterone levels without using a PCT programme. This in turn could lead to low Testosterone problems and over symptoms including continued side-effects. We all need a good amount of Testosterone levels to be present in our bodies to be able to operate our normal daily functions.
A PCT plan it could easily take a year or more for your natural levels to recover and this is not only stressful to the body, it can lead to numerous low testosterone symptoms; not to mention it is extremely unhealthy. Conversely, when you implement your post cycle therapy treatment, you will significantly cut down your total recovery time, but there’s something more important. While your natural levels will not be fully recovered, you will have ensured your body has enough testosterone for proper health and function while your levels continue to naturally rise.
A PCT programme will help to start up your HPTA, Prevent Catabolism and even prevent strength loss. So if you buy Nolvadex, Clomid, HCG and Proviron, there are very many benefits.


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